Health and economic impacts of extreme heat 🌇 [2021-]

As part of my PhD in data science and environmental health at INRS and my fellowship in artificial intelligence at INSPQ.

  • Modelling health impacts of extreme heat with machine and statistical learning
  • Estimating the health costs of extreme heat in the province of Quebec
  • Projecting the impacts of extreme heat with climate and socioeconomic change

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As part of my employment in the climatic hazards team at The Co-operators.

  • Modelling and simulating river and coastal flood risk at the Canadian level
  • Projection of climate change impacts for convective storms, hurricane and flooding
  • Tools for spatial concentration and natural disaster risk management

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Functional regression models in ecohydrology 🏞 [2016-2019]

As part of my MSc in statistical hydrology at INRS.

  • Statistical modelling of ecohydrological variables (temperature, flow, habitat, etc.)
  • Analysis of the physico-thermal fish habitat variability
  • Team leader for river data sampling during two summers

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